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uWand direct pointing technology is ideally suited to gaming on Smart TVs. Unlike traditional remote controls or gyro-based devices, uWand puts the user in the middle of the action. See for yourself how the technologies compare with our game demo.


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Revenue opportunities

The casual games market generated revenue in excess of $6bn in 2010 and is continuing to grow exponentially, thanks to the continuing popularity of mobile gaming, social gaming and platforms such as Xbox Live.

With Smart TV sales expected to surpass 56 million in 2012, TV is  the next frontier for casual games. It is a potentially lucrative opportunity, but with the basic functionality of traditional  remote controls, it could stall before it even starts.

uWand, the camera based remote control technology for direct pointing and intuitive game control on a Smart TV, makes it all possible. uWand technology enables virtual touch screen control but maintains the ‘lean back’ experience and can be cost effectively embedded into existing remote control form factors.


uWand in action

To see uWand in action for a range of SmartTV use cases, including gaming, watch the video below.


Experience uWand

You can see uWand technology in action here or even try it for yourself in our demonstration smartTV game. Alternatively contact us to request a demonstration


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