Revenue generation through user engagement

The humble remote control has often been an afterthought in television design, but for SmartTV the user interface (UI) is one of the primary differentiators.


As that UI starts to provide access to more broadcast and on-demand video, more web content, interactive applications and games  then the more the remote control becomes a more critical enabling element.


One thing will never change in the television industry: strong viewer engagement equates to strong revenue generation. uWand provides consumers with the intuitive, direct pointing interface they need to easily find, preview and purchase content, no matter what the category.


  • Easy and intuitive navigation
  • Relaxed viewing experience
  • Strong user satisfaction
  • More time spent interacting with and enjoying premium content
  • Able to find and enjoy more content


Find out how uWand can deliver opportunities for new revenue generation for TV, multimedia and gaming on SmartTV.

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